What is ONETT?

If you have travelled to a different country inside EU, you probably realized that you needed to download a different app for your smartphone just to know the train, bus or tube fares, lines or stops. And the fastest answer for that is: different data representations for the same data information.
ONETT provides a wise solution for this problem using the most advanced european data representation for public transport information. Providing transport data directly from the european data access points, these access points are across Europe and will be the connection between transport enterprises, data providers, and transport costumers, you.

Why is different from other platforms?

It is true that a market already exist for the delivery of travel information services to end users, but a number of gaps and barriers are still present limiting the full potential of such services.
ONETT provides an open source platform for all transport information of all european cities, in one APP, integrating all the data behind european regulation and TRANSMODEL standard with more information and more accuracy about the city transport wherever you are. An APP tied to all the specifications neccesaries to ensure the accesibility, exchange and update of travel and traffic data and distributed journey planning for the provision multimodal information services in the European Union




Transmodel is the European Reference Data Model for public transport and constitutes an offer to public transport companies and other providers of services related to the process of passenger transportation (planning, operation and information).
The reference data model, developed at conceptual level, can support the development of software applications, their interaction or combination in an integrated information system, and the system's organization and information management which rules the utilisation of the existing telematics environment in a company running comuputer apps supporting the different functional areas of public transport.

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NeTEx is a CEN Technical Standard for exchanging Public Transport schedules and related data.
NeTEx is intended to be a general purpose XML format designed for the efficient, updateable exchange of complex transport data among distributed system. This allows the data to be used in modern web services architectures and to support a wide range of passenger information and operational applications.

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The Delegated Regulation supplementing Directive 2010/40/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to the provision of EU-wide multimodal travel information services is an enabler for increased modal shift and the promotion of sustainable modes of transport. This initiative expects to provide the neccesary requeriments to make EU-wide multimodal travel information services accurate and available across borders.

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Science behind ONETT

In this paper, we describe our implemented approach for the usage and exploitation of declarative mappings for the publication of open transport data from transport authorities and operators into an ontology based on TransModel. This will allow a homogeneous representation of transport data across EU transport-related organisations and will minimise the need to understand ad-hoc heterogeneous representation formats for transport data as currently published by them. We will show how we are creating and using RML mappings for the specific case of transforming GTFS data into a TransModel-based ontology. In the future, such data may be further transformed into other formats such as NeTEx.

ONETT paper

Are you a Stakeholder?

ONETT is not only a state-of-the-art millenial transport app, indeed it's much more. We are conscious that transcript from a standart to an other is really boring, for that we have developed an efficient solution to transform all your old GTFS files into TRANSMODEL in just one click. It sounds great, isn't it?

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