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Nowadays there are a lot of companies who hold meetings, but do they take into account people who has any disability? For example, hearing, visual or movility disabilities.

WhoTalks is a open-source project of FundaciĆ³n ONCE which is addressed to people who has hearing disabilities in the meetings.

Main goals for this project:

  1. Obtain audio and convert the audio to text.
  2. Display messages to the assistants in real time.


This web application implements MVC architecture from scratch without using any PHP framework. We used this project to obtain speech-to-text and ajax to create an asynchronous chat.


This is a web application, so you need to install Xampp to test it. In order to use asynchronous chat, you have to allow microphones permision.


  1. Clone this project and store it in htdocs folder of Xampp.
  2. Import database scripts in phpMyAdmin.
  3. Download composer.phar and install dependences with php composer.phar install.
  4. Run the app and enjoy!


This project was developed by

Emilio Crespo

LinkedIn Github

Andrei Erhan

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at the Open Summer of Code 2019 held in Madrid, Spain.